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The Quality

Think about it!

When we enter a room why do we feel ourselves comfortable in one premise and we want to go out of the other? One of the reasons is the quality of light.

In order not to let our eyes get tired, not to let the working efficiency lower, we recommend to use Led lightings made with Phosphor Remote Technology Cap LED™.

These lightings supply a high quality of light which is achieved by several parameters:

Uniformity of illumination

Cap LED™ technology gives a larger beam angle 180° (traditional LED lightings give only 120°).

Low luminous flux pulsation factor

Luminous flux pulsation factor of the PSUs that we use is only 0,1%-0,3%.

You can check this with a sample test: look at the lighting through the camera of your mobile phone. There is no “striping”.

High and uniform CRI

CRI is more than 80 (Ra).

The changing of CRI due to different view angle is less than 2.

Emission spectrum is close to sunlight

Different CCT

To get the light of a different CCT all you need is to change a phosphor cap, not the whole lighting.

The light from a NEPES RUS lighting Is comfortable for eyes, doesn’t have a harmful effect for an emotional state and so increases the working efficiency of a person.