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How to calculate illuminance of the territory of an enterprise or company’s office?

This calculation can be made by two ways:

  1. Using NEPES RUS engineers help
    You should fill the application and our engineers make calculation free of charge.
  2. By yourself
    There is special section in our homepage for your convenience – Calculator. Attention! The calculation will be approximate. You should contact a member of Light Engineering Group or send request and we will contact you.
Is it possible to purchase Blue PKG without luminaires?

At the moment there is no such possibility. The final product of NEPES RUS production is LED luminaire.

How to be your distributor?

It is very easy to be our distributor. You can contact Distributors Cooperation Group Leader Irina Bazaley or fill the special form on website. Our members will contact you in short time.

Where to buy NEPES RUS luminaires?

You can buy NEPES RUS products by one of the ways the most convenient for you:

  • at the company, payment by bank transfer. You can download payment receipt here;
  • via official distributors;
  • in online shop at our homepage.
Are your luminaires really eco-friendly? Do they need any special disposal?

NEPES RUS luminaires are produced of eco-safety materials and do not pollute the environment. Luminaires bodies are made of aluminum or steel and do not contain any toxic substances. Blue PKG is a safety source of light, mercury free. Therefore NEPES RUS luminaires do not need any special maintenance and disposal facilities.

Is it true that your luminaires don’t heat?

The unique Remote Phosphor technology Cap LED protects phosphor from heating because it doesn’t contact Blue PKG. Applying the materials with high thermal conductivity in Blue PKG provides its operation under optimum temperature conditions, it increases luminaire’s life time (70,000hrs).

If the body of NEPES RUS luminaire gets hot during operation it proves that the materials with enough thermal sink level are used in its structure.

What are Blue PKG disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is the high price of LED luminaire compare to fluorescent. Average price is two times higher. However, during operation LED luminaire is not just eco-friendly and gives quality light, it is more energy efficient and saving.

The other LED disadvantages are:

  • high requirements for operation temperature mode
  • phosphor degradation
  • high luminance
  • necessary to have the secondary optics.

All the above problems are solved in NEPES RUS luminaires:

  • The unique Remote Phosphor technology Cap LED protects phosphor from heating because it doesn’t contact Blue PKG.
  • Phosphor doesn’t contact Blue PKG and doesn’t deteriorate.
  • No need of the secondary optics because Cap is used as diffusor.
Can a private person order the products?

Yes, of course. Any person can buy the company’s products:

  • via official distributors;
  • in online shop at our homepage.
Are there any discounts depending on the order volume?

Discounts are considered for distributors only. If you are a private person, please, follow the special offers.

What is scope of supply?

During delivery of any NEPES RUS luminaire you get the set: luminaire and Technical Data Sheet. LED lamp Cap T8 scope of supply includes PSU also.

NEPES RUS luminaires have the original design. Is not it better to close Caps by glass because it is more conventional for a customer?

NEPES RUS luminaires are made by Remote Phosphor technology Cap LED and have the original exclusive design. Small yellow caps are the recognizable unique detail of the luminaire’s design. This is perfect possibility for the distributors and customers to distinguish among the competitors.

Due to Cap LED technology, NEPES RUS luminaire doesn’t need any diffusor because this function is made by Phosphor Cap. However, we made some models with opal diffusor for some special cases. So if the interior needs neutral design of the luminaires models Cap Down 03-01 and Cap Flat 66-26 are the optimal solution.