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At the present time the world and Russian light engineering products manufactures develop new more energy efficiency LED sources of light. They test materials and methods of Phosphor dispensing. Remote Phosphor Technology is the new solution in lighting providing long life time and higher quality of light.

The unique technology

The Remote Phosphor Technology is unique in that Phosphor is dispensed not on Blue PKG directly, but on the separate Cap which acts as the diffuser.

The technology allows extending life time both of Phosphor and LED. The lightings produced with this technology make the light more comfortable and uniform. It allows reaching additional saving due to it needs fewer of such lightings than other LED and fluorescent lightings.



Technology advantages

CapLED™ technology has lot of advantages:

The technology was developed by Korean company Nepes LED. NEPES RUS made transfer of this technology to Russia and the only company in Russia and CIS countries producing and selling the lightings with Remote Phosphor technology CapLED™.